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Program Objective:
Our objective for this program is to increase the reading proficiency and fluency of student in grades 6-12. We believe that students in our program will increase their proficiency and fluency by the end of this program. In the first three months of the program, students can expect to become more comfortable with reading. Studies have shown that there are many students reading below their grade level and as many as two grades levels below. So a level of uncomfortableness can be expect when starting this program. In six months of the program students should be at least at grade level of reading. By the end of the school year and for some cases into the summer, student can expected to be reading above their grade level.
Poverty Level: The poverty level of Franklin County is 15.4%
Literacy Rate: 17%
Dropout Rate: 6.1%

Program Outcome
We expect to see significant increase in students by the end of our program. Short term outcomes would be comfortable with reading out loud, pronunciation, and increased ability of word recognition. Long term out comes would be the ability to read above previous level, word recognition development, reading fluent, and increase vocabulary development. 

P.F.I.R Program
Measurable Goals
The PFIR program will use three main ways to determine measurability.

Begin assessments: this will determine the child’s level of reading and will help to determine each child’s level of need.

Short-term Objectives: Short-term objectives are breaking down the skills that each child has learned into discrete components. This will help us to track the students’ progress throughout the program.

Benchmarks: The amount of progress that the child is expected to make within specified segments of the years. This is a good tool to help track their long term progress. 


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​We Are One Community Outreach is happy to provide assistance to all needy families. We currently service families in Northern Wake and Franklin Counties. The services that we provide are the following: Homeless Relief, Shelter Referral, Community Referral Services, School Supplies to our school age students, Literacy Support, and coming soon: our Youth Summer Lunch Program. Please click on the link below and fill out the forms. Remember to check the service that you are requesting our help for and if you do not see a service that is applicable to you fill free to write in the service that you wish us to provide in the comment section of the document. Please provide as much information as possible.
Click on link to fill out form and email to weareonecommunityoutreach@gmail.com